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Jungle Flora Bamboo Brochure 2018

Landsendt has been in the nursery industry for over 30 years.Our nursery specialised in subtropical plants and palms. As Landsendt diversified into a tropical garden and venue the nursery changed also. We have diversified into a bamboo nursery. To avoid name confusion with the venue we have changed the name of our bamboo business to Jungle Flora Bamboo. We have years of experience growing quality plants. 

Bamboo has become very popular as a fast growing screening plant. People are looking for a solution to create privacy as our gardens are getting smaller and lack of privacy is becoming more of an issue. 

We offer different varieties and sizes to suit most urban gardens and lifestyle properties. All our plants are non invasive (clumping habit rather than running habit) so won’t become a problem for neighbours.

Landsendt garden has a bamboo ‘showroom’ so you can see what these varieties look like as mature plants. In small pots they all look very similar so it is difficult to visualise.

Many people ask for Black Bamboo.Unfortunately this beautiful species is a runner so we don’t stock it. Our blue bamboo is a good alternative to get this ornamental look.

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We’re not a drop in nursery so an arranged appointment is necessary.

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